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The Final Speech

Hey young beautiful things! It’s almost Easter. Duh. But seriously, anybody else not feeling it? (And how TACKY of me to even admit that I need to “feel” it. Like Jesus is here for my entertainment.) Today I was just *over* myself so I sat down with my Bible at 10:26am and I said to… Continue reading The Final Speech

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A Sunday Chat

Happy Sunday my favorite people! A quick reminder if you are new here…This is for teen girls…you are totally welcome here if you don’t fit that description but also feel free to change the channel. No hurt feelings K? Alrighty ladies you are on my mind in a big way this morning. It’s time to… Continue reading A Sunday Chat

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You Are The Messenger, Not The Miracle

It’s not often that I can’t sleep. I literally love sleeping. I don’t even care if you call me lazy…I call you jealous. But tonight I’m wide eyed awake. There is a serious bit of confusion going around and I don’t blame you. And by “you” I’m talking to the Christian girl. Hold up a… Continue reading You Are The Messenger, Not The Miracle

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Purposed And Found

She¬†pranced in the door wearing sparkly red shoes and she was holding her stuffed elephant by the neck in one hand and a BRIGHT pink purse in the other. I dropped to my knees so we could be eye level…I wanted her to know how excited I was to see her so I flew my… Continue reading Purposed And Found