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If You Mess With The Bull…

My man isn’t good with *feeling* words…I mean he says the sweetest things but mostly has stolen his lines from a country song. Let’s just say he’s not original in that area and I could care less, we all have a glitch. He is the MOST compassionate man on the planet so it works out. Speaking of words, my girls… Continue reading If You Mess With The Bull…

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Lyrics Are Straight Up Gospel

It was 1990 something and it was basically a crap day. I was twirling my hair desperate for class to be over so I could get in my car, and b-l-a-s-t my music. I already knew which CD, I already knew the number, and I already knew it would make me bawl my eyes out and drive like a bat out of… Continue reading Lyrics Are Straight Up Gospel

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The Final Speech

Hey young beautiful things! It’s almost Easter. Duh. But seriously, anybody else not feeling it? (And how TACKY of me to even admit that I need to “feel” it. Like Jesus is here for my entertainment.) Today I was just *over* myself so I sat down with my Bible at 10:26am and I said to… Continue reading The Final Speech

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There Will Be Suffering. You Still In?

You and I can be honest with each other…that’s what I love about you. We have hard questions for God. We watch good people…I mean GOOD people suffer and we shake our head and we think “So is God like punishing her? Or does she have bad luck or something? Is that even a *thing* with Christians? Luck?”… Continue reading There Will Be Suffering. You Still In?