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What Do We Do Now Jesus?

Hey love bugs! I absolutely hate it when massive things happen in our world and adults don’t stop to help you pick up the pieces of what might be a shattered heart for you. If you have any anxiety over the election read on… I am writing you today with GREAT humility and a posture of… Continue reading What Do We Do Now Jesus?

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When I hear bad news I grab my heart. Apparently I look like I’m going into cardiac arrest. No clue when this strange thing started but it did and y’all latley my hand is just basically always on my heart. The violent images on TV and Twitter of terrorist acts are either making you numb,… Continue reading Over-Freaking-Whelmed

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She Knew What She Knew…

  My Grandma was fistey. I knew her from around age 60 to 93. So the last part of her life really. Who knows all the reasons why she was the way she was by the time I came around… and who cares. I loved her for her. Temper and all. She spoke the truth. And not… Continue reading She Knew What She Knew…

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Grab Your Sisters Hand…

To all my “Cap and Gown” sisters… First up…HELL YES!!! Woohoo!!! Standing on my chair applauding!!! You now hold something in your precious hands that can NEVER be taken from you. The fact that you are a female, and hold a degree of any level be it High School, Technical, Collegiate or Doctorate is a privilege girls around the globe would give… Continue reading Grab Your Sisters Hand…

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Lyrics Are Straight Up Gospel

It was 1990 something and it was basically a crap day. I was twirling my hair desperate for class to be over so I could get in my car, and b-l-a-s-t my music. I already knew which CD, I already knew the number, and I already knew it would make me bawl my eyes out and drive like a bat out of… Continue reading Lyrics Are Straight Up Gospel

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Coffee Breath and Wrinkled Hands

My mom drove me to and from school every single day from preschool to High. I remember thousands of conversations between the two of us. It was maybe 8 minutes or less each way but apparently it was impactful because when I woke up this morning, on my 39th birthday it was the first thing… Continue reading Coffee Breath and Wrinkled Hands

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Because He Is God, And I Am Not

Your unfiltered heart is my favorite place. You ask me the hard things…keep doing that. How can God be “good” when there are so many little children starving in the world? What about cancer? If God is in control…why do tornados rip through sleeping towns opening up grave after grave? Why do young kind people… Continue reading Because He Is God, And I Am Not