To my four world changers, my miracles…my daughters and to the ones who I love as though they were mine…you know who you are. The offer still stands…I want to adopt you. And to every teenage girl God created…this is for you.

I’m sitting in this doctors office on the corner of just married and has 56 cents in the bank when the sweetest lady from some country that isn’t mine walks into the waiting room and announces with a serious amount of *spaz* in her voice, “Congrat-u-lations Mrs. Lee! You having a baby! “
Wait, what? Who did she just say that to? Mrs. Lee? Who is that? Oh ME…what now? Say that again please kind lady.
“I say you pregnant Mrs. Lee! Congrat-u-lations! Go finds a good OBGYN.”
My husband of 3 months, 2 weeks, five days, and a few hours in change looked at me and all I knew to say was “ I told you I didn’t feel good.”
So a 22 year old brown eyed boy and a 21 year old brown eyed girl held hands and walked to the car.
And this is the beginning of the greatest love story. It marks the moment I cared about someone other than, well…myself. Sure I loved my husband, I still do true story but he didn’t require much sacrifice. Do you get what I’m saying? He romanced me. But this person…this little life inside…she needed me to get over myself because she needed a mom…the adult kind. I thank God for her every single day because she propelled me in the Scriptures with a passion like I had never known before. Oh. My. God. You are her Creator and you are allowing me to play a small role in her life please Jesus (wipes away snot and tears) please don’t let me screw her up. I’m not good enough to do this and you know it.

And then I blinked and here I stand with nearly 18 years of marriage under my belt to that brown eyed hunk and you guys…Jesus is letting me raise not one but FOUR daughters…He is so faithful.

We are far from perfect, don’t even want to be, but we are also very much not “screwed up”. Praise Jesus.
You won’t find another woman who loves teenage girls more than I do…you just won’t. Y’all are my thing. And I wouldn’t have picked you necessarily. Don’t get offended. It’s just that before I had my own…I wasn’t a huge “fan” of girls. Myself included. But then her…and God.
He’s the game changer…

It would be my greatest honor if you would come with me on this blog, it’s where Jesus speaks…our personal stories. I know things you need to know…not because I’m smarter, (I’m so not love bug) and not because I’m the mother of the year (what a joke), but because I’ve walked in your heels, Nike’s and Birkenstock’s. And I’m willing to be honest with you. And because I’m not in competition with you… my agenda is simple. I’m kneeling down low to *step stool* you up, to get your beautiful self closer to who God made you to be.
Here are my two things that if I had you across the table of Starbucks I would say to you and possibly make you write them in your phone.
If every other sentence in this blog fails you…these will not.
1. IF you have Jesus Christ…you already have it all. The cake is baked and complete and it smells insanely Devine. Everything else is icing. Pick your flavor WISELY.
2. When you screw up…when, not if…it’s all about the reset button. And whether or not you properly use it will determine the course of your joy from that day on.
Lean in close and let me whisper something to you baby girl…” I get it. I was really awesome at a lot of things and realllly horrible at everything else. But you know what…I loved Jesus. I knew Him well because even when life was a mess, I laid down at night in my very dark room and whispered to Him. (You can call it a prayer…I call it a conversation.)
He heard me crying and he set my feet straight. And he will do it for you too. You know why? I’m locking eyes with you now, “Because He made you with his very own hands. You are His creation. You have his literal breath in your lungs. That’s why.” You don’t believe me? Look it up. Google Psalm 139, Genesis 2:7 and John 20:20. You belong to somebody. You are picked. You are on the team.

I guess it’s rare for you to hear this (and jeez that’s a pitiful thought) but there IS room for all of you…just the way you are. I sort of like you. Better than that…Jesus likes you. It’s a fact.
Look I don’t know your parents, your siblings or your friends. I don’t know what your IQ is or what your SAT scores are. But I don’t need to know any of that to know you have issues my friend. If you are girl and you are in your teens…you got issues. We all did, or currently do. No one is exempt. I’m just ready to tackle some of them. Not all of them…but let’s at least make a dent.
It’s time to redefine a few things don’t you think? The social mold needs to be bent, twisted and possibly even thrown out. We need new conversations, new qualifiers. I have only one rule…be nice (or leave.) You totally don’t need to agree with me but let’s be kind to each other. Deal? OK good.  I love you, you are my people. When the doctor said “It’s another girl!!!” I’m all fist bumping and woohooo-ing with my man…He was thrilled to death about it too. He’s a keeper.

I love you…


*This is the disclaimer…What are my qualifications to talk to you about loving Jesus and being a girl? I am a girl, I’m raising girls, and I love Jesus. You won’t find a Degree for that with my name on it so if you are in need of professional opinions or help…please sister, go get that. There are amazing counselors out there who want to guide you. Much love to you and remember, there is no shame in asking for real help…

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