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To My Sisters…

Hey sister! I love calling you that because the thing is, it’s got a great ring to it right? Hopefully, it sounds like “You’re in. Come hang in my circle.” As girls we need it. The instant bond with a few *kind* ones.

Stick here a minute with me? I like you and I have some thoughts to pass on. My passion is you. (Well you are one of them. lol) If I can make your journey of growing up from a young sister to an old-ish sister a little easier, thats the lottery to me.

  1. Invest In Someone Younger Than You.     

Are you in College? Think High School girl ready to sell her soul for a new friend group or coffee shop out of her city. Are you in High School? Think Middle School girl who has a serious gap in her teeth and frienemies. Here’s the deal. We are all focusing on the wrong thing…ourselves. And let’s get real, it’s not fulfilling. You know what is? Pouring love and attention on some younger precious girl who thinks you hung the moon. It’s a win/win. Find that person who needs a “big sister”, grab her and teach her everything you know. Be her cheerleader! You will gain a new best friend and for about 10 minutes you will forget all about your own drama. We need each other. Start mentoring as soon as possible. You are not too young. 

2. The ONE Thing We All Have In Common.

Ladies…There are one billion unique qualities about you. From the way your eyes tilt slightly downward all puppy like, to the way you light up a room with your one liner witty remarks. Oh yeah… I love the way your kick ass leadership skills emerge in total chaos, and the way you create poetry, music and dance. Your passion, dreams and vision to change the world, the way you rock heels and dress one minute, and the next you are scoring game winning goals. Your personal relationship with God beams and your humanitarian heart is GOLD. I could literally go on and on and on.  And yet as a collective whole…you have decided that the one thing we all have in common as females, is what you will focus on the MOST. You think using your sexuality gets you the guy, and you think it will make him stay. LOVE BUG. He can get that anywhere. You want a solid relationship? Don’t offer him the ONE thing everyone else has.

3. The Unforgivable Sin.     

There isn’t one. Dead serious. Let this soak in. THERE. IS. NOT. ONE. Jesus came to save the SINNERS. I’m the biggest one so get in line, and good GRIEF stop beating yourself up for “that thing you did.” When you ask Him to forgive you, the Bible says He does. BOOM. DONE. Move on.


4. Everyone Gets A Gift.

God in His awesomeness, decided to give every single person He created a talent. Yep, you have one. You might already know what yours is and that’s so cool. Develop that thing baby! But if you aren’t sure what yours is yet…WAIT FOR IT. Trust Jesus that He did not forget you and stop wishing for *hers*. We can stand on kitchen chairs and clap for our friends when they achieve goals and get awards! You know why? Because they didn’t sneak in the back door and steal it from us. It was never our spotlight…it was always hers. And yours is coming soon. Don’t you want a roar of applause when it’s your turn? Duh. Yes.  Jealous girls are really just girls who secretly think God doesn’t give a crap about them.  And that’s a lie from the devil. Calm your heart sister…His eyes are absolutely on you.

5. My Fifth Point Is Awesome.

But if you have an attention span anything like mine, you are already 3 minutes past clicking something new. I get you. No worries love. I’ll pick back up here on the blog at some point and we can chat again. Just know that I think you are flipping awesome. God adores His girls. We can rest easy with Him defending our battles.

One last thing. Let’s stop looking  for someome elses inspiring thing or idea. Do your own! Remeber…you have a uniuqe gift. The world is waiting for it. #Go Take the risk, I’m standing and cheering. xo

BTW, You Matter to Me,

– Allison





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