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When I hear bad news I grab my heart. Apparently I look like I’m going into cardiac arrest. No clue when this strange thing started but it did and y’all latley my hand is just basically always on my heart.

The violent images on TV and Twitter of terrorist acts are either making you numb, out of self-preservation or crushing you with each new headline. I’m crushed. In any given 24 period I’m dreaming up ways to save the world and then I revert to self-focus. I’m so embarrassed, and mostly over-freaking-whelmed.

I don’t know why the world seems to be falling apart but I do know this…what we can see with our eyes isn’t the problem. This is a soul issue…and sister we can’t see that deep. 


So what can we DO besides argue over who is the most likely to bring the next wave of evil? Because hey…that’s not helping. Well, we know darkness isn’t defeated by darkness right? Only the Light demands darkness to scatter. Let’s be the light. Let’s obsess on feeding the poor and clothing the homeless. Let’s remember we actually DO have the power to make a difference and as a follower of Jesus…He commands it.

“Whoever has two coats is to share with him who has none, and whoever has food is to do likewise.” Luke 3:11

A place you can get started…Click HERE . All you need is a pair of scissors and old jeans. Little girls are counting on our fashion hits and misses. Trust me. Check this out…



To go local click HERE. Plug in your intrests and it will match you up with an oppertunity to serve. Simple!

So there was this duck. I pulled up to a gas station with a screaming toddler and she *stopped the madness* long enough to say the words “Duck. Mama…duck not in water. Help duck.”

Y’all… the sweet duck was waddling as fast as it could on the hot pavement, SO out of sorts. It knew it wasn’t home but it was so stressed out it just went in circles. Literally less than 100 yards to the right, just over the hill was a HUGE BEAUTIFUL POND… full of ducks swimming. There was even a boy feeding them bread. The whole package.

I was yelling at the duck “This isn’t your home sweet thing keep going!” But obviously…it couldn’t understand. Hey love bug, “this isn’t your home. This earth and the *crazy*…isn’t your home.” Keep going. Keep walking towards God and his good plan for your life. Towards light and hope and joy found through Jesus Christ AND serving him.

Keep. Going.

The ground is hot. I feel it too. But sister please, for the love of all things giving me a migraine, get off the vine loop. Look to the right just over the disaster…and make it all the way home. You got this…don’t walk in circles out of confusion. Get off the pavement, you were meant for green pastures. Psalm 23:2

Scroll back up there ^^^^ click a link and get busy serving others. It will change your out look and possibly your whole life. You are a big deal. You don’t need permission to be the awesomeness of Jesus. You already are. Hop off the couch and get going!

I love you.




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