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Nothing Drives Me More Crazy

Hey love bug! Listen we need to address something and it will just take a sec. So here’s the thing about being an outspoken Christian….YOU ARE SUCH AN EASY TARGET.

Anybody understand what I’m saying?

People will accuse you of judging when actually, you are just “not participating”. There is a HUGE difference there. For example, (I’ll throw this back on adults to take the finger pointing off you your age bracket.) Just because I choose not to buy beer for my 14 and 16 year old…doesn’t mean I’m judging the mom who did that for her children AND put it on snap chat…it simply means I have different dreams and aspirations for my girls. It also indicates that I’m not interested in jail time for serving minors…because you know…I like my king size bed and my freedom. But I also didn’t spend longer than about 5 seconds thinking about that other mom. And until I wrote this, I didn’t talk about her either, Why? That’s on her. That’s her story, her legacy, her reputation. It’s not my concern. I’m not judging her…I’m “not participating.”

They will look for reasons to make themselves feel better by finding what sin you do have and putting a blinking sign on it. But here’s the thing…the last time I checked most Christians aren’t trying to act perfect. In fact, we often admit our faults…to a fault…We need Jesus big time, we even wear t-shirts about it. Go ahead and make fun…I love my Jesus shirts. #ThatsHowIRoll


So don’t fall for it. Let’s not take that bait. Because you know what? Honestly, the meanest people I have encountered are the ones who deep down are DESPERATE to be like you. To have what you have…on the inside.

Let me explain…

They see you confident and happy, even though you aren’t wasted or smoking something every five minutes.  They see your pictures on line and everybody “likes” them…and your clothes are…wait for it…ON. They see your good grades (or your bad grades) either way, you actually work hard and care about your future because …your parents basement actually isn’t very cool once you graduate high school OR college. True story.

And it pisses them off and at the exact same time…it makes this place inside their soul get uncomfortable.

You will be hated by everyone because of My name. But the one who endures to the end will be delivered. Matthew 10:22 (Yay Jesus, that’s just peachy news!) 

You have it basically together and that’s attractive to everyone. Sure you might cuss some or gossip once in an entire semester, but mostly people know you are solid. The real deal. And they WANT THAT. But it comes across more like making fun of you. Sort of like the punk kid on the bus in 5th grade who had a crush on you, so tripping you in front of everyone makes perfect since right? So stupid.

Nothing drives me more crazy than people in the bleachers making fun of an athletes one bad pass, when they couldn’t make the team even if the coach was taking 65 players.  Or the way people laugh at a new runner on the street who is struggling to finish, while they drive by slurping a coke and smoking a cigarette. It’s the exact same concept here.

As a Christian girl, you need to learn RIGHT THIS SECOND…like, TODAY that making good choices won’t win you home coming queen (usually) and the glorious thing about that is…in 4 years…no body gives a CRAP. What matters for the MAJORITY of your life is different than what “matters” in high school and college.

I knew this guy in high school who sold drugs and carried a pager (because there were no cell phones and pagers made you cool) Guess what? He’s in his 40’s and STILL on drugs. He was awesome at making fun of people who were making good choices back then…I’m just guessing he wishes he was a *pinch* nicer so they would hire him to mop the floors of their corner office… with a view.   #JesusSavesBro #BeNice

You are making life long decisions…right now. You are shaping your character one day at a time and forming habits that will propel you onto greatness…. or weigh you down like an anchor.

Do. Not. get off track just because you are the target. DO NOT cry when you aren’t invited to the party…again. Don’t trade in godliness for acceptance. And for the love of all the  women who have gone before you…stop apologizing to the public every time you screw up! Hey sister…lean in close…Christian’s are huge sinners. HUGE. DUH. It’s sort of the reason Christ came! It doesn’t make you a fake…it makes you REAL.

There is no condemnation for those in Christ. It’s a Bible verse… so it’s a fact. I love that about the Bible. It’s not up for reelection. It is unchangeable. We are not condemned.


No body needs Jesus minute by minute more than I do. I can relate to the wild child pretty dang well…but every now and then I just want to stand up and make a bigger deal out of YOU.

The girl who isn’t pushing all the boundaries for attention, the girl who believes Jesus when He says “You were made for great things. You are not common! You are extraordinary, act like it!”  The girl who has a good reputation because she is in love with The Lord…and that’s literally her entire agenda. YOU my friend are running the good race. You will finish well. And I’m hugging you so tight your feet are coming up off the ground because I AM SO PROUD OF YOU. You are the only authentic thing left on this planet.

Keep it up. Don’t you dare quit now. Basements are dark and they have creepy bugs with millions of legs…you aren’t missing a thing sister.

I love you madly.


*You can get the shirt in my pic  HERE.






2 thoughts on “Nothing Drives Me More Crazy

  1. Yes! So true!! We have officially reached a point in time where being Christian makes you “ignorant” “judgmental” “bigoted” “intolerant” and so much more. Being Christian is like being a wounded animal surrounded by hungry wolves just waiting for a chance to steal the bit of comfort we find in Jesus. Amazing post, thanks for sharing!


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