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Coffee Breath and Wrinkled Hands

My mom drove me to and from school every single day from preschool to High. I remember thousands of conversations between the two of us. It was maybe 8 minutes or less each way but apparently it was impactful because when I woke up this morning, on my 39th birthday it was the first thing… Continue reading Coffee Breath and Wrinkled Hands

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Boys Do This Awesome Thing…(they turn into men)

I knew *this girl* who fell in love with this boy who had these blue eyes that are hard to describe. Ocean like…but think the Bahamas not Florida. And she knew deep in her heart he didn’t love Jesus but he was a really good guy, made mostly good choices, was smart AND funny. Total package, except not. So she convinced… Continue reading Boys Do This Awesome Thing…(they turn into men)

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Nothing Drives Me More Crazy

Hey love bug! Listen we need to address something and it will just take a sec. So here’s the thing about being an outspoken Christian….YOU ARE SUCH AN EASY TARGET. Anybody understand what I’m saying? People will accuse you of judging when actually, you are just “not participating”. There is a HUGE difference there. For example, (I’ll throw… Continue reading Nothing Drives Me More Crazy

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Because He Is God, And I Am Not

Your unfiltered heart is my favorite place. You ask me the hard things…keep doing that. How can God be “good” when there are so many little children starving in the world? What about cancer? If God is in control…why do tornados rip through sleeping towns opening up grave after grave? Why do young kind people… Continue reading Because He Is God, And I Am Not